RVI can be considered for a range of commercial assets


Commercial airliners, corporate jets, regional aircraft, jet engines, simulators and helicopters.

Best suited for newer assets with long economic life and latest technology which keep their value. Policy periods between 5 and 12 years.


Bulkers, tankers, product carriers, LNG, LPG, ferries, “Eco” ships and “feeder” container vessels.

Best suited for newer vessels with there will be predictable demand for the vessel at the end of the vessel's lease. Policy periods between 5 and 10 years.

Commercial Real Estate

Properties in city centre / business locations, distribution centres, hospitals and medical facilities, prisons, federal buildings, hotels and resorts.

Coverage dependent on tenants, usage, location etc. Policy periods between 5 and 15 years.

Yellow Goods Equipment

Construction equipment, earth moving equipment, quarrying equipment, agricultural equipment, forklift trucks.

Suitable for newer equipment which hold value through the economic cycle. Agreed on a schedule basis. Policy periods typically up to 5 years.

Vehicle Fleets

Buses, coaches, trucks, tanker trucks, emergency vehicles, tractor-trailers, passenger vehicles, electric vehicles, etc.

Suitable for new vehicles which are well maintained through the lease period. Agreed on a schedule basis. Policy periods up to 5 years.

Other Assets

Trains, rolling stock, containers, industrial machinery, heavy equipment, medical equipment, boilers.

Suitable for newer assets with longer economic life and more predictable secondary market at end of lease/loan period. Policy periods from 3 years to 15 years.

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